What my clients say

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“My experience was like being blind entering the unknown world of marketing and being able to put my trust into somebody to help navigate my way, thanks.

Extremely satisfied, very knowledgeable, helpful and fun.” Peter Mason CEO.



“My wife and I love every dealing we have with Danielle. Even if it is to give us a kick in the butt, especially me for being lazy. Keep up the excellent work and we look forward to getting some awesome results together.”

Hanna Farah – Managing Director and Owner.

Jamie Burmeister

Director – Adapt Solutions
hired Danielle as a Marketing Consultant in 2007

“Danielle has been great at helping us focus our marketing efforts. Her ideas and energy really help us to make sure we get results from our marketing dollars. Since working with Dan we have been able to focus what we do, when we do it and how to get the best results. Something we never could have achieved without her help.” August 3, 2008

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity



Sean Gallagher

Partner – MarketCulture Strategies

Sean hired you as a Business Consultant in 2006 and hired you more than once

“Danielle is a high energy person and a great creative thinker. She is unique in that she has strong marketing and organizational behavior backgrounds; a combination that results in significant value-add as a consultant. As a sounding board, I particularly appreciate that Danielle holds you accountable to defending your ideas from the customer’s point of view, which I think is one of her greatest attributes. These skills coupled with being team player, and her practical nature ensures that what she delivers as a marketing consultant, and is always in high demand. The fact that I frequently call her from my office in Boston for her assistance is testament to the fact that I hold her in high regard as a business/marketing/organizational behavior expert.” July 16, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
Sarah Oakley

Marketing Communications Manager – HP Services, Hewlett Packard (colleague)

“Danielle is very passionate and thorough in her planning and execution. She works well with all levels of an organisation. Danielle’s organisation skills and ability to implement initiatives that deliver has allowed her to generate a lot of respect. No fluff – just the facts and focus on what needs to be done. Danielle is easy to work with and she knows how to inject a bit of humour along the way!” July 16, 2008

Adam Faccin (client)
Market Development Manager
Imaging and Printing Group
Hewlett Packard South Pacific

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. Isaac Newton” By working with Danielle I was able to re-evaluate all aspects of how I managed my business. Danielle has a unique talent of helping you to look at your marketing problems in a new light. By working with her I was able to improve my efficiency, increase my communication effectiveness and even increase prices and improve profitability in a highly competitive market.

Danielle encourages you to work smarter, not harder and really understand your customers needs and to build your communication around that, rather than finding customers who fit your communication.

I will use the tools given to me by Danielle and Market Culture for many years to come

If you only hire 1 marketing consultant this year, it has to be Danielle MacInnis”
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