Marketing Plan Success Story



Getting results counts!




Working together to build a marketing plan!

TSSM provides VCE training, resources, and workshops to help Victorian students be the best they can be. Hanna Farrah and his wife Magda came to me wanting to improve their business. They had been growing but understood that they needed to plan more strategically to really reach their business goals. Together we built a strategic marketing plan that that clearly identified specific outcomes for the business and we are all now starting to see the fruits of our hard work with over 20% growth in the business this year.



No clear value proposition

Brand identity needed to be updated

No integrated sales and marketing




We conducted some market research to determine the real value offering and what the brand identity gap was

We repositioned the brand and created an integrated marketing and sales approach plan




                  Great feedback on the branding

Attendances at training events increased by 20-30%

New website on the way with better online ordering and information as requested by customers




Old brand, positioning, website, materials                                               New brand, positioning, website materials






















Hanna Farrah – CEO of TSSM

“Danielle has been a valuable asset to our company thus far.  Things that I would have not done for a while got done pretty quickly because of her direction and planning.  She is a great person and easy to work with, moreover she gets real results!  We have increased our student uptake by an average of over 30% and we haven’t even launched the new website yet! Thanks Danielle.”



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