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“It comes down to trying to expose yourself to the best things that humans have done and then try and bring those things into what you are doing. Picasso had a staying, good artists copy, great artists steal.” Steven Jobbs 1994.RIP


There is some stuff we just love and so we want to share this with you. Here also is our download of some great marketing apps to help you market your small business. Here is the stuff that we use cost it is great, it works and it very affordable.

HubSpot_Logo_2xHubspot gives so much away for free! Their marketing library is an awesome resource.
formstack-logoI love all the stackproducts but formstack and stack Launchpad are awesome. They create landing pages, email follow ups, forms and orders online in a snap.


Freshbooks – really love this software for managing timesheets, accounting and their sense of humor.





Autopilot makes a version for small business called Send Pepper. For those who want to automate their marketing.

  MailChimp is our email client of choice. Not only is it easy to use but fun. Also it integrates well with wufoo (form builder) social media, google analytics just to mention a few platforms we need to make your marketing work well!



Aweber – is a great autoresponder and we use this mostly because of its awesome pop up feature but also it is a great “set and forget” auto email campaign manager.



   Wufoo – our survey form of choice. Again brilliant integration with other software  and really excellent reporting.



Brain Jam is a group of students that Dan likes to mentor so they get the practical skills to get great graduate jobs. Need a student? Ask us how.

 – love this tool for mind mapping




Hubspot Website Grader is a awesome way to work out how your site is going. Take the grade for some excellent insight and tips. Check out their new marketing grader that lists more tips to improve your conversion on your website.





Snagit – awesome for screen grabs


   Jing – awesome for recording How toos from your screen



Bloomtools a great platform that we recommend to many of our clients as it is a toolbox of marketing software in one interface. Website Content Management, CRM, forms, SEO, email marketing all in one toolbox.




Jotform is a great form creation tool. This is what we have used down the side or at the bottom of this website. Great for quick tools and integrates nicely with most web or email platforms like wordpress. Has a free version.


Gomockingbird is brilliant if you want to do a “mock” of your website as a wireframe so you can plan out how it will work. It can save a lot of time to do this drawing as a starting frame and then work with your web designer.Has a free version too!




Unbounce is a great software for creating landing pages. We used this to create a offsite with a difference for a client based around a James bond theme. Here is one of our pages. It is really easy to use. Sometimes all you need is a landing page.




Animoto allows you to create your own video creations with just a few clicks. We love it! Here is our video. You can make a 30 second video for free!





  2desk is a great software that allows you to chat via skype with people on your website or blog. Great for giving or getting instant feedback. You guess it they have a free version.





One pager is a fast easy web page builder. Great for sole traders or micro businesses. Here is our web page we did it in 10 mins!





We love Good Marketing Ideas. This site is a must for small business owners. We particularly love the 99+ internet marketing ideas and the small business ideas guide.


 The Content Marketing Institute has lots of great tools but we love the Content Marketing Assessment because it gives you some great tips to improve your content strategy.




 – Shortstack is great for building Facebook promotions. See one we did for Ella Bache Mordialloc.




Ready to Go Mo – checks your website to see what has to be done to make it mobile friendly. Use Wirenode to build a mobile version of your site.


LoopFuse is a great marketing automation tool.





 Lucky orange gives you a view of how your customers interact on your website.



Wordstream is a great key word tool.


Ducttape Marketing has a great list of software tools for small businesses.





100 social media tools from Daily Tekk





There is a better way  …. Please join our conversation

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