Internal Brand Success Story

It’s the little things that make all the difference.


 Tom Stockdale is has been running Stockdale Printstaff a recruitment specialist for the print industry for over 10 years. Inspired by Richard Branson, he has always wanted to create something special. From small beginnings, Tom has built a company that now is the leading supplier of specialised staff to the print industry in Australia.

When Tom was referred to me, he was looking for a way of streamlining his marketing. We did some workshops together and strategised ways improve his marketing, branding and teamwork. Now Stockdale’s is set to gain even more traction as a expert and a great company to deal with.  


No marketing and sales calendar

Gain an understanding of client’s needs and the Stockdale brands’ value

Better teamwork and sales training

Recruit and develop the right team for long term growth


We conducted some market research to determine how to better communicate with our target customers

We did some internal workshops on teaming and the stockdale value proposition and how to apply that to the sale process

We repositioned the brand and created an integrated marketing and sales approach plan

We did some senior leadership workshops to increase management effectiveness



 We have a single page marketing and sales planner which assists us to focus on what is important and what gives us   the best return on the investment we make

We have improved the function of the Stockdale team with better feedback mechanisms, communication, training and recognition.

Stockdale continues to be the leader in print recruitment and Tom (CEO) now has more time to focus on strategy rather  than the day to day running of the business.


 Tom Stockdale CEO

“I found dealing with Dan fantastic because of:

1. Your unwavering commitment to the best interests of my business and to me personally

2. The high energy attitude you bring to every meeting

3. Your in depth understanding of effective leadership and how to build high performing teams

4. The passion for good sales and marketing strategies you have

5. The way you can create and run tailored workshops to meet our needs

6. All the homework and research you do between meetings to find the best solutions for any issue we have.”


Research – covering the real story inside and out


Branding workshop – who are we?

Core Values and Story  – our story

Sales Incentives with personality

James Bond Themed Team offsite

Update from Tom Stockdale Sept 2011

“Good day Marketing gurus.

Today we sent out the first edition of our Best candidate bulletin email to 1600 recipients and have had a good response already.

Our new brochures, sales tools and website are delivering new business weekly.

One client this morning, a director of a marketing and mailing company took one look at our brochure cover and said “tell your marketing team they have done a good job because the front cover of this brochure makes me want to read this brochure instead of throwing it in the bin.”

Thank you for your help the past 2 years our marketing resources are awesome.”

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