Unique Value Proposition Success Story

Creating a special experience

Eranthi Bonney is a truly amazing business women. She has developed a wellness spa called Spa Samsara that combines the best of East meets West in the bayside suburb of Brighton in Melbourne. What is really wonderful about this spa is that is unlike any spa experience. Holding true to her vision for the spa she has develop a nurturing and feeling of well being by using customs products and therapists that embrace this East meets West philosophy.

When I met Eranthi she was really burnt out. She had been running Spa Samara for the past 6 years and knew that she had to give it renewed focus to really make it live out her vision.


  1. Attracting more guests to experience the Spa and welcome back guests
  2. Understand more about what clients needs
  3. Create an integrated sales and marketing plan that would assist in the running of the Spa lead generation
  4. Recruit and develop the right team for the long term.


  1. We conducted a customer satisfaction survey that assisted us with very important feedback to tweak the Spa offerings and the experience as well as the communication strategy
  2. We started communicating again to our current clients using newsletters, emails, SMS and in-store promotions
  3. We created an integrated marketing and sales approach with a new website, online store, call to actions and SEO
  4. We created a new team leader role to help inspire and direct the therapists and ramp up our marketing approach


  1. Great feedback from guest so we could enhance those “little things” that make Spa Samsara unique
  2. Better traffic and leads through our promotions and campaigns.
  3. Easy to use website so that Eranthi or the team leader can manage it in-house with ease.
  4. Selling more product and repeat business with focused approach to sales.

Deliverables New brand, positioning, website materials


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