Makeup Artist

Brooke Low is a successful and talented makeup artist, however she did not have an online presence. She knew that these days having an online website was critical to growing her business.


  1. Having a website that was easy to maintain, was google friendly and attracted leads.
  2. Using Facebook to build a relationship with clientele
  3. Create some lead generation ideas to keep new customers taking action on her site.
  4. Leverage media assets on her site including u-tube video and media columns


  1. We created a simple website with a  Content Management System that was easy to update.
  2. We created some focused offers for new customers on her site
  3. We promoted the site on directories and started to build links back to her as an authority
  4. We updated the site with interesting content including, video, tips, FAQs and a e-newsletter that prospects can sign up to.


  1. We are now attracting leads through out offers on the website and have plans for Facebook
  2. We are able to track traffic to our website and use social media to build a better relationship with existing clients.
  3. We can sell our book on our website and have plans to extend to products.
  4. We have plans to develop some marketing materials
  5. Consistent email communications to new and existing clients.

Deliverables new website, offers, email set up and forms



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