Sales and Marketing Tools – I want the shiny new stuff!

Often brochures, advertising, websites are top of mind when you ask small businesses about marketing. And yes, these tools are great, but the underpinning strategy is so important to get right.

Our method of tracking information means we can provide the information and insights to improve your marketing decisions. Our approach to lead management enables us to communicate with potential buyers all they way along their lifecycle with your business. This relationship for life brings with it lower costs of sale and loyal customers.

Some of the tools we use to create sales and marketing tools are:

1. Customer capture and communication tools: CRM options, email auto-responders, blogs,social media tools, brochures, feedback surveys.

2. To create sales: lead generation offers, sales incentives, sales training and sales funnel.

3. To maximise marketing spend: create awareness programs including, PR, promotions, better distribution models, branding and merchandising, customer events and advertising strategies.

4. To ensure that the sales and marketing tools are working we track, monitor and use a metric dashboard appropriate to each business.

5. To audit your sales strategy and ensure it is maximised for growth: customer buying cycles, incentives for customers and sales consultants.

Ready to go right now?..Where to start…?



Online Marketing Tools

Tools to help you with online marketing

Below are a list of links for small business establishing themselves online. For the following on-line services MacInnis Marketing charges between $60 and $150 per hour depending on the task.  Most projects can be quoted quickly and once set up can be maintained by the business owner or PA.

  • Blog setup
  • Website setup
  • Survey online design and implementation
  • Customer email campaign
  • Autoresponse design
  • Submitting blog or website to target market directories
  • SEO tools and directory submission
  • Adword tools
  • My podcast on podcasting

Blog & Websites

Domain + Hosting (Bluehost): Great hosting at a very low price. Quick plug into wordpress that is effortless.




Blog themes/design (WooThemes): Woothemes lovely themes that are customisable and perfect for someone just starting their blog website from scratch. If you buy 1 Wootheme you get 2 or 3 themes FREE just because they rock. I also think that Woothemes are great for any kind of business or ecommerce site.



(Freshbooks): Freshbooks is that it is the simplest to bill, to estimates, timetrack and collect payments. Love this time saver!




Email Marketing (Aweber): Aweber is cheap, it’s super simple to use and it delivers  emails automatically! It does take some time to set up but it is worth it as it takes many contacts with a prospect for them to buy. You want to be there when they are ready!



Stay connected & manage your contacts (Gist): This is a free service that’s incredibly powerful when it comes to keeping all your contacts in order and making sure you make the most of your network. You can search people by keywords, rate different contacts on level of importance, priority or relativity to what you’re currently involved with. All and all an incredibly robust system that will ensure you never lose a contact again and will give you all the updates on them it collects from around the web without you lifting a finger.


Vimeo: A great Youtube alternative fort high quality videos that you can share on your site and without the world seeing. The video quality is better and the loading times are far faster when hosting on your website.



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