Re-branding for new business


A brand that everyone is proud of

 Working with CEO Ross Raymond, we re-built the Numac brand. Numac has a niche market with a focus on environmental drilling and with expansion of the company, it was now timely to roll out an updated branding identity.




Re-brand Numac Drilling will keeping it  brand strength
Consolidate Numac’s value proposition
Create useful selling tools
Create an integrated sales and marketing plan and budget



We conducted some market research to refine the value proposition and brand identity.
Through a series of workshops we identified the key branding elements. We created a marketing planner with key deliverables including sales materials.We have also developed an online marketing approach which includes key word research, media releases, email campaigns, adwords and LinkedIn advertising campaigns.




 A consolidated image library and branding style guide which makes the Numac brand consistent.
Key sales tools including new website, article and PR calendar, brochures, signage and branding.
Key forms to capture leads and nurture them through email marketing.
SEO approach to ensure the website ranks well for key terms and has resulted in Numac receiving consistent traffic to its new website and a lead generation that has won them significant business.


 Deliverables: New content management website with article library, email, SEO, SMS and Event manager. Success stories, brochures, signage and more.



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