My Story

I have always been a person who has shown empathy for others. You know, the sort of the sensitive kid that would cry at Little House on the Prairie. It seems that I have had a knack for understanding not only a response or emotion to a situation, but from an early age I showed the emotional intelligence to understand why they were feeling that way.

Dan MacWhen my father got seriously ill with prostate cancer over 10 years ago, that insight was really tested. Dad was dying and he asked me how he should feel? I realised in that moment, that he really looked to me for that human insight and valued my direction. However, I also know he was looking for comfort, support and most of all hope. I will never forget that conversation.

Today, I know that to me there is nothing more important than the way we feel. Understanding a person’s point of view, their feelings is an incredibly valuable asset. I use this to create meaningful marketing. Marketing that creates a relationship between a customer, employee and company that is more than the service itself. It is based on values and a strategic design service to make each party feel heard, appreciated and valued.

This customer centric approach to marketing is often just lip service, but I put in place a process to create a customer centric approach that everyone in the organisation can embrace. If all things are equal between you and your competitor  what makes you the better alternative? I believe it is the way you made them feel. More and more customers are looking for the why and the how of your service. This is where I focus my strategic approach so you can create a brand that your customers and employees will love.

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