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Danielle MacInnis has honed her skills and experience in social marketing sometimes called inbound marketing and is now accredited as a Expert by Hubspot. Social media for business is a way to have a conversation with your customers on line and hopefully earn their attention.

In essence, social media is  a new group of interactive communication tools. Don’t under-estimate the power of these social media tools especially for small business. Customers are by-passing the traditional forms of media (tv, radio, print) and opting instead for these interaction platforms. (ipod podcasts, twitter customer reviews, researching the web prior to purchase, buying on line, etc).

Danielle’s expertise lies in leverage these tools as part of your overall marketing strategy.

Complete this online business survey to see how you stack up in social media.

Online marketing business survey – Even just reading this survey will help you know the right questions to ask when marketing any business on line.

Danielle can come into your business and help with the following activities:


  1. Assist you select the right social media for your marketing purposes
  2. Create a  blog or website – defining it’s purpose and building it to a specific target market
  3. Promoting your site within your key target market – directory listings and PR article releases
  4. Web and blog creation Layout and format optimisation and SEO
  5. Building you a strategic content strategy for each social media tool
  6. Set up RSS. (Really Simple Syndication) for your blog or podcast
  7. Build lead generation programs for key services or product offerings to convert enquiries into sales
  8. Developing a unique customer offer to build leads
  9. Set up key metrics to ensure that your social marketing strategy is working
  10. Train you in social media
  11. Inter grate  and leverage your existing marketing into your social marketing
  12. Assist you with setting up a customer insight strategy and social media intelligence tools to improve your marketing strategy over time
  13. Develop testing program to refine your on line presence
  14. Assist you with affiliate marketing programs

Inbound Marketing University Certification Program

Certification Achievements

If you want your organisation to understand social media and how to leverage it as part of your marketing strategy, talk with me today.

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