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The New Rules of Lead Generation

David Scott does a great job of identifying some of the key points around creating a lead generation program with effective measures. Marketing use to be all about branding and now it is turning towards creating measurable marketing activities to pass a warm lead over to sales. Listen to David Scott in an interview.


The Business Model Generation


This has changed my marketing more than any other book in the past 5 years. Simple diagrams for you to understand and a great base for uncovering how to build a business model. There is also an app on your ipad that is awesome.


To sell is Human- Dan Pink


Dan is one of the most emotionally intellectual thought leaders and in his latest book To sell is Human he uses this expertise to explain how we can leverage the very human essences that we all have to make progress in sales. I based a blog on this concept, What is your sentence.




Dan’s Book Reviews



If you are a small business owner that wants to learn more about marketing you are in the right place. We hope you enjoy reading our publications.

1. Steps in Building Your Business

2.Small Business Marketing Tips by Danielle MacInnis

3. Internet Marketing Tips

4. True North – Personal Planning

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