Marketing Templates

I have been collecting and creating marketing templates for sometime to make the process of marketing easier. Please find these templates below by clicking on the red link.

Steps in Building Your Business: Overviews the marketing process that we take at MacInnis Marketing to build a 1 page marketing plan.

Identify your ideal customers: who are those people you serve best and love to work with. Focus on these. This template helps you narrow your focus and allows you to be more purposeful with your marketing strategy.

Customer Personna’s : great template from up close and persona mltcreative

Marketing Planner template. Adapted from the Brandeo template to make more sense for small business this template will assist you in planning out your marketing activities over a 12 month period. When you need help you know who to call!

Marketing Objectives Mud Map. This map sets out the considerations you need to take into account when making a marketing plan.

Marketing Strategy Planner. This is a simplified version of defining the marketing strategies that as a small business you will use to plan your marketing activities.

Vision Mission and Values Template. This helps you identify what your vision is for your business and how you are going to achieve it with your value set.

Content Mapping. This Barbara Gago Persona Mapping pdf is a great tool for mapping out your content strategy using the buying cycle and a persona profile template to profile your ideal customer.

Content editorial Calendar: Great resource for creating a calendar

Core Marketing Messages. This template assists you to write down your core marketing messages in a customer centric way. This copy can then be used on your website, brochures and other marketing materials.

Forecasting sheet I use to estimate the number of prospects and customer for a given period.

Design Brief  is a template I use all the time to create clear objectives for a campaign to communicate with others.

Values sheet – what values are important to your company. People choose you for the how as much as the what.

Note: Please if you are going to copy or reproduce these templates give credit to the author.




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