The Simple Marketing System

The Simple Marketing System

After working in marketing for the last 20 years we discovered that you really need a systematic approach. Our approach is called the The Simple Marketing System and it works. It attracts more of the ideal customers to your business so you can have that sales conversation with a prospect that needs your service and are ready to buy. We use this system to grow you busy in a reliable consistent way. This system is not designed to create immediate results, although it often does, it is designed as a process of Marketing workshops to ensure we have the right strategy in-place that will produce long term results. It will grow your business.

What is marketing and why bother?

Marketing is creating communication that moves prospective target customer towards having a selling conversation. It is all about creating qualified ideal leads that become ideal customers for your service. It is about building familiarity, liking and trust.

It’s not unusual for established service businesses to have struggled with marketing. Perhaps they do all right; and had some medium success, experimenting with various marketing activities. It’s just that most of these activities haven’t produced very consistent results. Perhaps you’ve generated some new clients here and there. But you still don’t feel you’ve mastered the process of attracting new clients. But underneath, you have the nagging feeling that they could attract more clients, if only you could find a way to market your services more successfully.

I’m sure when you’re faced with the prospect of a lot of marketing effort with very little results, it’s easy to find excuses to avoid marketing: “I don’t have time; it’s not effective; I don’t want to waste my time; I don’t want to start unless I know it will work; The only way to get new clients are through referrals.

So what’s the solution to the marketing puzzle? Are there strategies to market more effectively that will attract new clients more consistently? Are there hidden marketing secrets that few people know? Or is it simply a matter of building basic skills over time? And are there simple marketing activities that don’t take up too much time or effort to implement?

Yes, there are certainly ways to attract clients more effectively and consistently. There are definitely marketing secrets that most are unaware of. And yes, you do need to develop some skills. It also takes some time and effort to learn and apply them. The good news is that marketing success is not primarily about strategies and tactics.

More important than techniques, is a whole different approach or mindset to attracting clients. It will ring true for you once you hear it. However very few people have applied this approach in a systematic, organized way.

The most important things to understand are the underlying principles that make marketing work. Successful marketing isn’t a matter of randomly stringing together a bunch of marketing activities and hoping for great results. There needs to be a “glue” that holds all of these strategies together.

Nevertheless, it’s the secret to marketing success.

When we think of marketing, the first thing we focus on is ourselves. After all, we are the “product” that our clients ultimately buy. So it would seem to make sense that we should put all the focus on who we are, what we can do, our expertise, the services we offer, etc. We rarely put our attention on our prospective clients, who they are, what problems they are dealing with and what they need.

But this is exactly where we need to focus. That’s the key.

The Simple Marketing System is based on providing value to our prospects at every stage of the marketing and selling process. What we need to offer (not talk about) is our attention, our expertise, and our resources. In return, prospects reciprocate. They move towards us, wanting to know more, seeing us as valued resources (as opposed to someone trying to sell them something).

This Simple Marketing System attracts exactly the right people as clients. These clients are looking for the contribution you offer and they are willing to pay for it. No pushing, force, or manipulation is required; that’s counter-productive. Yes, it will take some time; it will take some work. But it will do what you’ve always wanted marketing to do – attract more of the right kind of clients that will enable your business to grow predictably.

How does it work?

We have a series of marketing workshops fortnightly and work through a systematic approach to attracting your ideal clients. Each week I will send you some information so we both can come prepared to the session. Most of the work can be completed within these workshops which are usually between 1.5 and 2 hours in length.

Who works with us?

The ideal client for us is a service based company that is ready and motivated to work on their business. They understand that marketing not a short term turn on once off event but an approach to business. Clients are most likely to succeed with us if they work through The Simple Marketing System. They need to focus on the goal of want getting solid long term results which is to attract ideal customers consistently.

Characteristics of our ideal client:

  • Motivated and enthusiastic
  • Willing to make a difference
  • Have high Integrity
  • What to learn and grow
  • Can commit the time to do the pre-work for each workshop

Sometimes we will need to address an immediate need and that is okay but our focus will always be The Simple Marketing System approach. Let’s look at The Simple Marketing System overview.


Marketing Strategy session – We offer something called a Marketing Strategy Session. The purpose of this session is to see if we can what the possibilities are by improving your marketing and sales process. We talk about your goals, what gets in the way in achieving your going to leave with some solid ideas to improve your business effectiveness immediately. We don’t do these sessions with every business so please fill out this quick survey to see if you qualify for this session.

Marketing Workshop 1

Your business strategy and getting the objectives rightAudit of your business model – vision, mission, values, goals: where are we now and where are we going?  Purpose of The Simple Marketing System, outcomes, requirements to be successful,  A marketing education briefing and how to use me as your marketing and sales coach.


1.Audit of your business and gap analysis

2.Audit of your brand on and off-line

3.Vision, Mission and Goals document (sense of purpose – why you do, what you do)

Marketing Workshop 2

Your Story For prospects to use your service they have to like know and trust you. In this workshop we go through your authentic story, your values, philosophy, mindset attitude to marketing, selling,and any road blocks. We also talk about the need for any customer insight.



2.Your story

3.Ideal customer exercise

4.Customer survey

5.Customer lifecycle and touch-points

Marketing Workshop 3

Core Marketing Messagesyour message or USP or value proposition, profiling ideal customer, competitive differentiation, brand promise and proof points. What is your takable difference and how do we capture this?


1.Core Marketing message and value proposition (why do your customers choose you)

2.Key testimonials

3.Customer success stories

Marketing Workshop 4

Creating an PlanThis is where we come up with a strategy action plan to achieve your goals


1.Overview of your services, packaging, pricing, brand positioning

2.A marketing Mud map – what we need to do

Marketing Workshop 5

Giving your prospects a taste of you– This workshop is all about creating small bit size tastes that your customers can receive as the move towards becoming customers.


1.A strategic Customer Touchpoint Journey

2.Content Strategy

3.A networking plan

4.Online networking plan

5.Elevator pitch

6.FAQ sample question responses, answers, call to actions, follow up

7.How can you educate prospects about your offering – this is how we do it here, articles about your expertise

Marketing Workshop 6

The Selling Conversation – Once you have a referral or a new inquiry you need to have a selling strategy in place so you can the right conversation to convert more prospects into customers.


1.What preparation do you need to do before you meet the prospect (key questions you should ask, background of prospect, objections and challenges and desired outcomes)

2.What preparation do they need to do

3.What will be the next steps after the selling conversation

Marketing Workshop 7

Marketing Strategies – What we can do today, simple immediate steps. Where are your clients on The Simple Marketing System? Strategy to move each group along. Pick the right strategy for each section of the cycle.


1.Updated marketing 1 page plan – your blueprint. A Plan with costs, owners, strategies and tactics on a timeline for implementation

2.Forecast of potential business with next steps

Marketing Workshop 8

Your Brand Identity– This workshop is about taking all the elements of your business and you and putting a consistent face to it before you create marketing materials.


1.A brand style guide

2.A tag line (if required)

3.Naming changes

4.A set of imagery that identify your brand

5.Customer satisfaction process

6.Your values in action with a set of internal behaviours for your team

7.Branding the touch-points that are important for your customer journey

Marketing Workshop 9

The Marketing Materials –  What materials do we need to create to communicate to your target market. What is going to be the call to action on each.

Outcomes maybe:

1.Website and SEO

2.Blog/ Newsletter for education

3.PR strategy – building a relationships with key journalists

4.Sales flyer and tools


6.Email and auto-responders and CRM

7.Success Stories


9.Speaking Materials



12.Sales Tools

13.Referral Tools

14.Workshop materials

15.Key listings for creating awareness

Marketing Workshop 10

Implementation and Measurement – What do we need to measure?What will determine if we have been successful Outcome:

1.Excel spreadsheet that maps results and a measurement system to see how effective we are with each strategy in the action plan. Leads, customers, hits on the website or blog and conversions.

Note: we are fans of technology so we set up simple technology tools to assist us work together effectively. These include:

1.Dropbox – so we can share files and collaborate

2.Joinme – so I can share my screen if we are on a call

3.You have access to my webinars and training to walk you through each section of this system. Coming soon!

For more information visit our services page.

Marketing outcomes of this process:

1. Create awareness with the right customers (target markets for your services)

2.Conversations with potential customers – lead generation, business development, first step in selling/ Conversations come first before a sale. More than repeat business and referral (transferred trust) – major way to fill the pipeline.

3. Improve the odds of securing customers – process for increasing conversion of leads

4. Higher revenue per engagement and higher fees per services.

Our success

  1. A HR recruitment specialist that is now the leader in their field and continues to grow
  2. An Accountant has five new clients ready to do business with her.
  3. IT business have increased their billings by 20%.
  4. Training organisation have grown over 30% this year.
  5. A leading construction company winning more deals based on their brand culture
  6. I guess the greatest outcome I can show is us. We eat our own dog food and can choose the clients we work with and I am now called on for article submission and speaking engagements as a Marketing guru to small businesses. This combined with my successful blog that attracts thousands of readers per month further grows our lead generation engine.

See our success stories on our web for more details.


The purpose of the Marketing Program is create more qualified selling conversations with ideal customers and to do this we need to create a simple and clearly defined plan for marketing your services.

The outcome of implementing this plan will be consistently winning more profitable clients.

Outcomes in more detail:

  • An understanding of how marketing works to attract clients
  • A new, more positive mindset about marketing your business
  • A good idea of who my ideal clients are
  • Insight into exactly why my clients need my services
  • Clarity about the outcomes or results my clients receive
  • Powerful marketing messages that get the attention of my clients
  • Persuasively written marketing materials
  • Understand which marketing strategies will work best for my business
  • A focused, written marketing action plan with written goals and deliverables

What we require for us to be successful

  • To attend all meetings prepared. This means filling out the documents and if you can’t let me know ahead of our meeting.
  • To commit to marketing being a part of your business model. It can’t be stop start to get the results. We can tailor the marketing we do to your budget but we have to have a planned approach and it needs to be a consistent strategy.
  • To have a mindset that is open to learn marketing and selling techniques and strategies.
  • Where you are stuck or have a fear, or lack of skill allow me to coach you.
  • Educate yourself and your team and go through the online training (free) to understand more about marketing.


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