How to use low cost marketing tools to attract customers



How to use Low Cost Marketing Tools to Attract customers

AgendaMarketing guru for small businesses Danielle MacInnis will give you all of her advice on 10 of the best marketing applications that will help you market your small business  more effectively in a live demo. These easy to use tools will make a real difference in your business attracting customers,being more productivity and improving your chances of being found on the web. The great thing about these applications is most of them are free or a very low cost.Take aways from this session:

  • Know how to use 10 marketing tools to market your business more effectively
  • Access to over 70 online marketing tools in pfd form
  • Access to a marketing guru with over 20 years experience of practical experience

The ten top tools come from the following categories:

1. Easy to use email campaign application that will have you communicating with your key customers and prospects.

  1. Facebook – how to leverage it as a small business
  2. An online survey tool that makes research a snap and can save your thousands!

4. Customer Database for forecasting, collecting information and merges with outlook

5. Best PR tool online for getting that local press coverage.

6. Great collaboration application to share files with suppliers and customers

7. Design a website application that means you can update your site as easily as editing a word document.

8. Search engine optimisation application with the best tips for your site

9. Voice over IP application for free teleconferencing

10. Time tracking, invoicing and estimating application



Seminar Presenter Danielle MacInnisDanielle has 20 years experience and has worked with large organisations like Hewlett Packard and Delfin property Group. 

Danielle’s biggest asset has always been to think like a customer. This empathy for the customer assists Danielle in creating insightful marketing strategies for her clients.


Danielle now work with CEOs of small businesses helping them make better business decisions, build better teams and brands.

Danielle is acknowledged by the Australian Marketing Institute as Certified Practicing Marketer and has been asked to contribute to article writing by various online forums including the Women’s Mentoring Network, Women’s Network Australia, Flying Solo, The Customer Collective and TEC.

Danielle is an social media expert and listed on the Business Victoria Website as a expert marketing advisor for small businesses.

What others are saying about Danielle’s presentations“Hi Danielle, Congratulations! Your seminar last night was the best have attended for ages and that says a lot. I go to many. You were engaging, down to earth, natural, informative and generous with your information and you delivered your presentation with personality.The topic was very well worded and of broad, general appeal.  So I guess its not surprising that there was a large attendance.” Sally Gleitman 

“So much great information. Thought that it was fantastic for businesses to kick start some serious revenue growth. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!”Jody Spencer


“Honest and passionate presentation about the subject of marketing. Full of very practical, hands on tips. Enjoyed the interaction with the audience which made the presentation more specific to our needs. Finding out the distinction about ‘What potential Customers are thinking’ and the problems they may have (in doing a renovation) and using that to reassess the language I use on my website. I now realise it’s not all about Me !

I am going to change my website profile page now!” Susie Miles


“It was great on all fronts. Dan was very warm, funny and relaxed, and put everyone at ease. The information was well-organised and well-presented, and extremely generous and useful. The whole experience was excellent because Dan is so genuine and generous. Thank you very much!” Liz O’brien







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