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Shortcuts for small business marketing

We love sharing our knowledge and other marketing expertise from the best in the business and this is where we do it! We know it is hard for small businesses to keep abreast of the ever changing marketing landscape. Use our podcast series or our How Too videos to keep up to date with it all.

Quick 5 minute videos showing how to set up some key marketing tools as a small business.

How to Podcast”

Here is a short video on podcasting.



Helpful Links:

Skype call recorder – record conversations online

Fiverr – voice over and artwork

Podomatic to host podcasts

Garage band – edit podcast (Mac)

Audacity – (PC)

Blog Talk Radio – do it with them for the newbie.

Itunes to load episodes.

Facebook for business 

How to set up a Facebook Page  and new since April





Website Creation

Setting up a WordPress Blog Site is a great self learning site for just about every software.In this link they show you how to set up a wordpress  blog site.

How to set up a WordPress Self Hosted Site again shows you how to set up WordPress as a self hosted blog or website. Must see viewing.

How to make a website

This short u-tube video Luke Moulton from Small Business Marketing Podcastshows some great tips on how to set up a website using wordpress.

Getting a website page up quickly

Getting Aussie Businesses Online is a great resource to get a profile online quickly. Their video is worth a look. This might suit you if you just want a single page or simple website presence.

Web Analytics

How to set up google analytics

This tutorial gives you quick tips to set up google analytics for your website or blog. Also is an overview of google.

 How to get found on the web

This site gives you a great tool for improving your site’s SEO (search engine optimisation – or chances of being found on the web!) Watch this tutorial by the DIYSEO guys and you will want to try it out!I also use hubspot’s webgrader.

Web Analytics gives some great visual tips in the short videos on google Analytics.

Google Places Listing for Small Businesses

Here is a 2 minute video on why and how to list your small business on google places.

Increase your page rank!

Katie Gives some great hints to improve your page rank. Check it out.

Email Marketing

How to set up an CRM like zoho

In this demo I walk you through how to use zoho as a customer relationship management tool. How to capture your customer details, and send emails. Also how it can be used as a forecasting tool for your small business.Also here is the overview video from Zoho.

How to use MailChimp


Mailchimp is my preferred email software






How to use a auto responder email manager

In this 5 minute demo you will learn how to use this fantastic email campaign manager. Great for creating a e-newsletter or special lead nurturing campaign.

Productivity Tools

Google Alerts, Reader and Slide Share

You can now set up google alerts to see what is being said about you, or any subject on the web. I show you how and the use of other tools like google reader to read RSS feeds and Slide Share to view great presentations.

Dropbox a great file sharing tool

In this tutorial I hand over to the boys at dropbox to walk you their animation on dropbox a great file sharing application.

Embedding a link

How to embed a link short cut into an email, blog or word document.

Google applications – what is it?

This u-tube is an overview of Google apps.

How to create forms and surveys online

This tutorial gives you tips on how to use Wufoo as a survey and form generator for your website.

How to use Freshbooks for accounts & time tracking

In this demo I walk you through how I use freshbooks as a estimating, timetracking and invoicing tool that has saved me hours of paperwork and is so easy to use for small businesses.

Social Media

What is Social Media?

This short animation of the power of social media.

Social Media Marketing

Lynda Training on social media marketing general overview.

Set Up Your Linked In profile

Quick tips to add your profile to Linked In.

Use LinkedIn As A Online Networking tool

Using Linked in to network and increase your professional online status.

Facebook and Foursquare for Business

Again Mari Smith gives us the good advice on Foursquare and Facebook.

Why you should be using social media

Every small business should be aware of social media and how to leverage it. This u-tube video answers the question, should I be have a profile on social media sites?

How to integrate video as a social media strategy

Mari Smith is a guru of social media. Her video is packed with tips of how to  use video as part of your social media strategy as a small business.

 Foursquare for Small Business

How you use Foursquare as a marketing tool for small business

Report on Social Media with Small Business

The above link is a summary on the findings on the Social Media Marketing Industry Report from Social Media Examinar for 2010.Here is the link to the report

 View your media profile and tweet automatically

How to use sprout social to view your social media profiles and Twitter Feed to automate your tweets and that of others you admire.

Quora, what is it and how can I leverage it

A introduction to quora a Q and A tool for the internet where you can connect with like minded professionals and build your expertise status.

Twitter Feed Automation

Katie gives a great demo on how to automatic tweet your favourite content

 Digital Marketing Tips

This is a fantastic resource for small businesses. The tips that Aliza shares on how to use online tools to build your small business is better than anything I could create.

Susan Bratton’s Conversion Triggers is a great resource for Persuasion Marketing. The copywriting, and other tools are brilliant.

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How to create a compelling value proposition from Rain Selling


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