Busines Model Success Story



Building business foundations it brick by brick

 Working with CEO Peter Mason, we rebuilt the Ducon values by  which they operate, the business vision going forward and the position they want to hold in the marketplace. Ducon is in the process of rebuilding their business model to align to the vision. For any business owner it takes a lot of courage and foresight to make such a change, however  the rewards going forward with this clear strategic plan will be great. Ducon is already loved by their employees and customers and they are creating a sustainable business model with a real compelling offering going forward.


No clear vision
No clear value proposition
No purposeful business model




We conducted some market research to develop our value proposition

Through a series of workshops we identified the key roadblocks to forming a clear vision

We created a clear understanding of sustainable business model moving forward


                           We created the value proposition and values for the business

We changed the rationale for making decisions in the business based on the value proposition and vision

We changed the business model for attracting and maintaining business


“By working with Dan to define a clear vision, I now have the road map to follow which is making all business decisions easier. This road map is this going to help me get to where we need to go.” Peter Mason, CEO Ducon.




The value proposition























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