Content Marketing and Asset Libraries

One of the biggest challenges facing small business today is the ability to produce high-quality content such as webinars, white papers, case studies, blogs, and sales enablement, at the speed in which buyers are consuming it. Without a well-developed asset library, it’s virtually impossible to move prospects through the education and sales process.

We help with tactical content build out, but also develop that holistic content strategy that is a building block of your sales and marketing lead generation strategy. We help you understand your buyers and their buying process, and then strategically map content offers that power nurturing and drive upstream buyer dialogue.

Content Marketing Planning
Your content is how most buyers will engage with your company long before your sales team has a chance to interact with them. Learn how we can support your content roadmap from auditing your existing inventory and developing the missing pieces to mapping content to nurturing programs and applying it to your inbound lead generation program.

Content Audit
Long before one of you have the opportunity to engage a prospect, your content will determine whether they buy from you or a competitor. Success during this phase requires mapping the buying process of each unique persona and then aligning specific content to each stage; taking inventory and auditing existing content is the necessary first step.

Content Mapping to Buying Stages
The intersection between content and buying stages is the critical point where the goal of one-to-one can be realized. This process starts with a comprehensive understanding of the way each buyer (or influencer) consumes content and the discrete stages of their process. With this information, it’s possible to develop a matrix that outlines the overall approach and required steps to building an effective sales and marketing lead generation program.

Inbound Lead Generation
The increasing power of the buyer has made a comprehensive inbound marketing program a requirement for effective demand generation. Blogging, SEO, web site architecture and content syndication are critical drivers for ‘being found’ by prospective buyers, and an integrated strategy will help you maximize your investment in this critical channel.

Content Planning + Development
Since content plays such a significant role in modern lead generation, it’s critical to develop plan that addresses both current and future needs. Even if financial resources are not a constraint, it’s very difficult to generate a library from scratch and still maintain the quality and consistency that’s required. We can help to develop a short and mid-term content development strategy that maps to expansion of personas, new products or more campaigns in order to ensure success of this critical component.

Thought Leadership
In the minds of your buyer, it is often difficult to differentiate one solution from another. Thought leadershipprovides a way for marketers to engage buyers at all stages of the process with educational information, while slowly integrating messaging about your solution. Become the trusted advisor and your prospects are much more likely to convert to customers. We like to think Dan is a small business marketing thought leader with her own podcast and contributing to several online marketing publications and asked to speak at SMB conferences. See how we can create this thought leader positioning for you.

Marketing Templates
Creating a set of branded email, landing page and form templates should be a quick and painless process. Conversions are often impaired by unnecessary design elements that distract the recipient from taking your call to action. If your ad agency doesn’t specialize in creating a suite of collateral to support your online lead generation, we’re happy to give you something that will.

Marketing Collateral
Marketing is constantly challenged by the never-ending task of developing new content to keep prospects engaged all while meeting the demands of running a comprehensive sales and marketing lead generation program. Having a content or collateral factory mindset is critical to ongoing success. In addition to producing a wide array of nurturing and web site content, we can help create case studies, white papers and other materials to augment your internal resources.


Contact us today and let’s get started.


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