How do you measure social media?

How do you measure your social media? This is an interesting query because in my book social media has several purposes. Build a community, tribe, group - so numbers, attrition, new members is an important measurement Likability - engagement, shares, comments, forwards is a measure Take action - attend events, buy services or products, contact … Continue reading How do you measure social media?

Content trends and what’s working

The Content Marketing Institute is a favorite resource for me and they have some great research into what B2B companies are using as great content format. This is a really good article by the Content Institute. B2B businesses are really ramping up on content. My hope is that they are really using the content in … Continue reading Content trends and what’s working

B2B and social buyer behaviour

Selling Through Social Media to Close More Leads InsideView This Info graphic explains some of the behavioural changes I am seeing in the B2B space. People are accessing, connecting and researching online and using social tools to do this. CRM social aggregators like Nimble and Inside View are giving a 360 view of customers. In … Continue reading B2B and social buyer behaviour

Business is social, your customers are asking for it

This video from Salesforce gives a good overview of how technology is changing our businesses. How do you collaborate with your customers? Have you embraced technology? Have you embraced social media? Learn why you should. Collaboration, marketing, selling and business is in a huge transformation. I see it every day. It is time to make … Continue reading Business is social, your customers are asking for it