10 Tips for start-ups

A great post from Brad Sugars who writes for Entreprenuer.com Here are a summary of his ten tips for start-up companies. 1. Offer what people want to buy, not just what you want to sell. Too often, people jump into a business built around a product or service they think will be successful, rather than … Continue reading 10 Tips for start-ups

Engaging the customer – that’s all it’s about!

I read a great quote from Ardath Albee "Early stage content is not about your product. Your company is the only entity that truly cares about your product. What people care about is what your product enables them to achieve. But, at the early stage, prospects don’t even care about that. Whatever their situation, they’re … Continue reading Engaging the customer – that’s all it’s about!

Build a high performing team

Working with several GMs I have discovered some of the key issues I face is that of building a high performing management team. This process is not always straight forward and depends largely on the transparency of the individuals and the environment that the CEO or GM has created in allowing for candour in all … Continue reading Build a high performing team

Sales readiness – how ready is your sales team?

Research from the Training Industry has come up with top 5 issues that sales teams face. Top Five issues Value propositions that differentiate you from the competition Translating products and services information into solution stories Elevating messages to the executive buyer Assessing and responding to customer needs Handling objectives Great audio from the American Marketing … Continue reading Sales readiness – how ready is your sales team?

Why is it important to have a business model?

First question, what is a business model? A business model is a framework, the engine room that you use to run and have visibility to your business. It answers the questions for all business decisions that you make. How do you intend to make money and what model will you use to sustain your business. … Continue reading Why is it important to have a business model?