Why do your customers choose you?

Why your customers by from you and not your competitors is a key strategic marketing question that is harder to answer than ever before.The  competitive landscape has changed and commoditisation of products and services has given rise to the focus on customer retention and differentiation based on the "how you provide a service or product".The … Continue reading Why do your customers choose you?

Employee culture is too important to leave to chance

Your culture can make or break your brand but more importantly it can attract the right people who want to work for you and can helps people deliver their best work. Have you considered whether you are creating a purposeful culture? Have you got a list of values that are active and don't just consist … Continue reading Employee culture is too important to leave to chance

“2103 the age of the customer” according to Forrester Research

Great work wins business, a great relationship keeps it. Customer centric is the backbone of MacInnis marketing. Being customer centric is centring on the needs and wants of your customer. Focusing on understanding their problems, concerns and wants, not yours! Customer centric marketing is the result of building a solid relationship built on listening not forcing, manipulating someone to … Continue reading “2103 the age of the customer” according to Forrester Research

Content trends and what’s working

The Content Marketing Institute is a favorite resource for me and they have some great research into what B2B companies are using as great content format. This is a really good article by the Content Institute. B2B businesses are really ramping up on content. My hope is that they are really using the content in … Continue reading Content trends and what’s working

Co-creation as a business strategy

Back in 2009 I wrote an article about the intersection of CRM and social media. Basically,to summarise, I wrote about the customer driving their engagement with us as small businesses and the need to engage with them in the appropriate mediums that they choose to use. I also wanted to see some more aggregation of … Continue reading Co-creation as a business strategy