What is Customer Centric Marketing?

Customer-centric marketing is now becoming the new buzz word. I have been doing it for almost 20 years, but what actually is it? Is it a mindset, a business approach or system? A product-centric strategy (set your business model up to around the product or service you sell) is the model most companies on the … Continue reading What is Customer Centric Marketing?

Why do your customers choose you?

Why your customers by from you and not your competitors is a key strategic marketing question that is harder to answer than ever before.The  competitive landscape has changed and commoditisation of products and services has given rise to the focus on customer retention and differentiation based on the "how you provide a service or product".The … Continue reading Why do your customers choose you?

Kick start your business 2014

Is your business sucking the life out of you? What are your goals for 2014 as a small business owner? There is something about the comfort of an old t-shirt as p.js or a nice pair of warm socks that keeps you turning back for things of comfort. I guess the same can be said … Continue reading Kick start your business 2014

92% say their business needs to get more closely aligned to their customer

In a recent survey by Incite we can see the radical shift between consumers and brands. Brands are reacting to a three-fold change in their relationship with their customers. 1. Customers have more power than ever before. 2. Thus, their expectation as to what constitutes ‘acceptable interaction’ with your brand is changing. 3. Consumer ‘location’ … Continue reading 92% say their business needs to get more closely aligned to their customer

Customer Centricity as an Ecosystem

"Customer centricity is the ecosystem and operating model that enables a company to deliver a unique and distinctive customer experience." Doug Leather states in his book The Customer Centric Blueprint: Building and Leading the 21st Century Organisation. I had the pleasure of interviewing Doug this week. Like it or not, all customers are aware, vocal … Continue reading Customer Centricity as an Ecosystem