A Space to Think Project

SD and UXI am customer centric marketer that has been working in the field of Marketing for 20 plus years. For the last 12 months I have been investigating the service design methodology and how this is intersecting with service marketing. I have interviewed thought leaders on my podcasts, read everything I could find about touchpoint mapping, personna’s, customer experience journey mapping you name it. Since investigating

Space Innovation

I have found that my true passion is around Strategic Service Design and helping small business humanise their services as a competitive advantage. Large corporations do this internally, Shell, BT, NAB, etc but small business I feel are best placed to action ideas quickly as they have less barriers or silos to navigate through, they just need the expertise and space.
This is my passion and my mission. To create a place where we can get back to humanising services.
 If you are interesting in learning more please follow this idea becoming a reality at my Pinterest Board. Any ideas and insights or resources would be greatly appreciated. I believe the only bad idea is a single idea.

Create your own mind maps at MindMeister

I have an ambition to build A Space to Think for small businesses to map out their current service and develop innovative ways to improve it. This is a multidisciplinary apporach and requires a unique space to take small businesses out of the day to day grind of running their businesses. It is a chance to step into their customer shoes and take an outside in approach to their businesses. I want to create this space and then run it as a business.


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