Coles is listening to me, and won me back!

I must admit I am a bit of an Aldi shopper. Basically cos it is cheaper! A whole lot cheaper. I love Aussie Farmers and I do a bit of this too because I am so busy and it is convenient and supports local farmers which for me is important.  This weekend I was in a rush and I knew that Coles would have everything I needed so I went there the first time in months. I am glad I did. They totally got me. They know that they can’t really win on price  with players like Aldi in the marketplace, but they can deliver differentiated product just made for me. They just get me! From packaging kids snacks, to location of stock so it is logical, to pre-packaged meals that take the guess work out of a tasty recipe and (it actually take 15 minutes to make unlike some TV recipes)

shop coles

They have a number of markets I believe they are seeking to serve with clear offerings:


  • The busy mum that is seeking convenience (pre-packaged healthy options for kids and family meals)
  • The Gen X that wants to eat well and try other cultures, ie indian, thai or veggie
  • The retiree that wants the plain label basics to fit the pension budget
  • The person who is trying to loose weight with there Coles Less brand.


So good on you Coles you have won me back. Your options and product packaging have told me that you have gone the extra mile to understand your market and while the teenager on the desk serving me was half asleep and not a least bit interested in conversation, I will forgive you this as it beats the Aldi tolley slug pack and unpack routine any day. If a grocery store can start to think like their customers, why can’t you? It is even more important as a service based business. How can you offer a service that is differentiated? Are you listening to your customers?

PS Lamb shanks that are pre-cooked for 5 hours are dellish!


Learn more at  Strategic Service Design.



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