We have gone from one to one to one to many

Share experiences is influencing how consumers and companies connect. we are using social channels to communicate our frustrations because we can reach our network and make a dent or a difference. Word of mouth has always been around but now we can share from one to one to one to many.

We are defining what a brand is and we can now do it with a microphone. We can be an alley or a formidable foe for any company. To connect with our customers as marketer and business owners we need to think about the entire customer experience pre, during and post transaction.

The challenge that exists for most companies is getting close to customers or what I call customer centricity. Some companies in an effort to respond have put in automated systems, web forms, click and talk applets, email campaigns and self help voice systems. This has dehumanized the customer experience. If it is a valuable addition and solves the customer issue quickly then it could be a positive interaction but if not it could end the customer journey with you.

To be come customer centric requires a change in how we value customers and the role they play in the decision making cycle. It is a holistic experience. If we are going to talk about you, then you better give us something good to talk about.

The experience is everything. Before, during and afterwards and it is so critical to the word of mouth that is shared. People can see and feel your intentions and your intended outcomes. Their journey is dynamic and connected.

?So the question is, are you delivering a desired experience and if so, how are you measuring
the way experiences and more importantly, shared experiences, are impacting your business?? The Future of Business.

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