Customer Experience study in Australia reveals we are an empathetic bunch!

Nunwood is a consultancy that is known to do Customer Experience Excellence (CEE) research. They have just finished a survey of 5000 Australian consumers to uncover what specific needs count when creating value for money and a great customer experience in a study this year.

Top Ten Brands

  • Singapore Air,Top Brands
  • Air New Zealand
  • RACQ (Royal Automobile Club Queensland)
  • ING Direct
  • ALDI
  • Specsavers
  • Emirates
  • Ubank
  • Chemist Warehouse
  • Dan Murphy’s

The airlines have fared well with and is sited to be because they are delivering the total package, attentive staff, the latest in-flight entertainment, comfort and price. Other distinctive differences with winners it the tone of voice or personality of the brands which we can identify with.

Other insights

Aussies are empathic towards Australian brands. “Our research really found that Australians really just want an objective source of information. The challenges for Australian companies is still really getting that peer to peer objectivity is becoming increasingly important and turning a terrible experience into a good one. If you sting an Aussie customer they won’t forget easily.” Said MD of Nunwood Anna Thomas

“Building great customer experience is about understanding the nuances of the consumer need – which may change at various points along the customer journey – and bringing them to life within the parameters of the brand and the particular business culture. It’s part art, part science, and it’s really exciting work.”

Top Trends
1. Australian’s want to buy Australian. Source locally – Supporting Aussie businesses is still very important

2. Give us the information. We go online so educate us before we find the information from someone else and buy online. And Reviews from our peers are important.


3. There are a lot of bargain hunters online. This is a big part of the online shoppers.

4. Low price and low quality Aussies aren’t interested in.

5. We shop globally because we can. Keep us shopping locally with great service, value, information and we will see the difference and stay loyal. If not we will go where the offer, value and experience is better.

Read more here..   More from Nunwood about the six pillers of customer experience


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