SEO quick tips

People are so confused about SEO.

Buyer beware.  Hire anyone working on your SEO very carefully.

There are a lot of freelancers and agencies that claim to be “experts” in SEO who make claims like, “We’ll get your site listed on page #1 of Google by next week!” 

That’s a scam.  They’re doing something to “game the system” that may get short-term results and then seriously backfire on YOU after they’ve done the damage and been paid.

If an SEO offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is. It’s important to do your homework, starting with knowing what they should be doing. This requires you to know about SEO. Marketing Zone has a great information guide here.


Here are my cheat list

1. Use to see how your competitors stack up.

2. Set up a google alerts on your competitors and industry

3.Use Hubspot Market Grader

4. Type into google your services and check what your competitors are using as headings and Key Words. Right click and look at the source code to see this.

5. Make your website mobile friendly goMobi

6.Use google keywords and make a list of key words.

7. Get google analytics on your site

8. Use social media buttons to share your content

9. Create relevant and valuable content continually

10. Best SEO tools – report


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