Why a clear Value Proposition is important and how to create one

A Value Proposition is why your customers buy from you. What value do you deliver? How to you communicate this to your prospects and buyers?

Your value proposition serves a few purposes:

1.It defines the audience and target market. Do you help me?
2.It positions your company in a market or category. Position the problem that you solve.
3.It clearly communicates the key benefit to the customer/prospect. Can I see the benefits and I understand the how you do it.(ROI and emotionally)
4.It builds a foundation for credibility that you and your company are credible. Proof it to me. What is the evidence. Here is where you explain the why you are distinct?

RainToday has a great training video on how to create a value proposition.

Click here to learn more and play the video

Value Propositions are built on three foundations

1.ReasonateNeed and wants (emotional and RIO)

2.DifferentiateThe best option

Distinction between you and competitors?
How difficult to substitute your service or product?

3. Substantiate –  I trust you and I believe you. proof, rationale case

You need all three to make the sales process smooth. If one is missing then the sales path is much harder.

What I really like about this presentation it is really step insight your prospects head and position your service or product as to how it meets their needs.

Visit our marketing templates on how to identify your ideal customers and core messages.


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