Are you using a content strategy?

Most of you will have discovered by now that there is a real advantage in creating valuable content to increase your organic search results in Google. However, is it all about being found or is it being found by the right customers? If the latter is true, then your content should really be focused on giving customers information that they can actually use.
Here are my top 5 tips when creating content that results in lead generation.

1. Start with the concept that your customer couldn’t care less about your product or service. Most of us assume that prospects are interested in what we have to offer. We are kidding ourselves. They are interested in their problems, their concerns and issues. Create content that addresses their concerns. When you start from their mindset of ” of couldn’t care less” you are more likely to create customer centric content.

2.Begin where the customer is in the buyer journey. I see so many e-books, downloads and case studies that have been created with a “push” approach. It is important to understand that many times the potential customer has no relationship with you and so providing the appropriate information at the right stage of the sales process is critical.  If you have a service based business describe your process and how it might solve their problems. Checklists, cheat sheets, FAQs and tips are good examples of how you can provide education without trying to “sell” before the prospect has had a chance to learn about how you could help them with their problem.

3. You don’t have to create it but curate it. The content does not have to be yours to be great but it does have to be credible. Often I pull together resources and add them to my blog because it saves you searching for information. Being a good curator is a skill and it is valuable and saves you (the reader) time.

4.Associate with something topical. By talking about what your customers are thinking about you will grab their attention. If you are a financial planner and it is June then the end of the tax year is probably a good topic. If you are a beauty business and it is February then Valentine’s Day is appropriate. By piggybacking on current issues or topics you can give your prospects timely and useful information.

5. Don’t always make me sign up to get the information. I use to do this. Always have a form with an email address and name before you could download information. These days I hardly ever do this. I figure that my best customers are those that are educated about marketing and understand how I approach it. To do this effectively I make my content and how too’s freely available. Actually, it is a big point of difference between me and other online marketers. So think about your strategy before you put your content behind a form. Sometimes it is worth just giving it away.


100 content ideas from hubspot


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