Are you leveraging Mother’s Day?

Have you got Mother’s Day covered as a promotional opportunity for your small business?

If not you should have a strategy. Learn more:

There are a few events in the calendar year that small business owners should be leveraging, especially you are in the retail sector. Mother’s Day is one of those key events, this year on the 13th May. Here are a few simple ideas that can really help increase your sales of products and or services when you market this promotional opportunity  well.

1. A special offer that is only available for mum. This works a treat especially if it is timely and it is what your customers want. It has to be of value. If you don’t know what they want then survey them. Sometimes it is not a discount, it may just be a value add. Extra 20 minute foot massage, coffee vouchers, Mum and Me offers, babysitting service etc.

2. Packaging up a couple of items to specific price points can work well for quick buying. This is enhanced if your customers and prospects can buy online! Build the packages around different mum segments, new mum, grandma, mum with teenager etc.

3. Create partnerships with like businesses to great really great offers. Morning tea at the local cafe followed by a spa treatment!

4. Reach out to the men as they are the ones usually buying the Mothers Day gifts. Build your database with a competition.

5. Communicate the offer in different ways: Email, SMS, flyers, on Facebook, Website and store signage. You need to start doing this a month before Mothers Day on your web and in-store with Facebook offers, Email and SMS closer to the actual date to capture those last minute shoppers.(normally my hubby)

6.Attract window shoppers with a great window Mother’s Day display!

You can create some really eye catching window displays and these can be enough to stop traffic and create some easy new purchases from passer bys.

7. Sponsor something that women care about.This goes a long way towards establishing a caring brand. It might be the Mothers Day fun run or another foundation. 

Linking to a good cause can also help build an audience and can be used to write some great PR stories to send traffic back to your website or Facebook page.

So if women are apart of your ideal customer audience how can you gain their attention this Mother’s Day? If you have a relationship with their partner in life or kids it could still be a way to provide them with a special offer.Mother's Day Sunday 13th May + Receive A $20 Gift Card, Simply

Spend $50*. More Details.


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