Build a web presence, or be invisible

You have a choice to either create a web presence or be invisible. It is all about being online but more importantly being active and engaging customers. To do this effectively to need to manage your web presence.

1. You need to have a web presence that is easily found. This means knowing your target audience and understanding how they would search for your product or service. Once you know this (through some research) you can then put together some directory listings.

2. Directory listings on Google Places, Yellow Pages online and True Local will help you get found when your customers are searching online. However if you optimise your listing with key words and offers you can stand out from the pack!

3.Using social media to engage your customers and prospects is a must. Go where they are. Posting great information, resources, competitions and offers can all assist you build a loyal following.

4. Have an marketing strategy that uses your website, email and mobile to build a list to nurture is a very important objective. You can only build a relationship if people, know, like and trust you. It is all about pulling them to your service with great value.

To learn more about building a web presence visit our digital marketing page.

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