Local Search Is A Must For Small Businesses

Get Found!

For small business some of the most important search is local and optimising your site to be found in local search directories.

Here are some of our top hints on how to optimise your site being found locally.

1. Add your site to Google Places, Bing and Yahoo Search Engines. Claiming your site requires some information but be sure to include as much key rich words into these listings including categories, hours of operation, forms of payment, images and social media profiles.

Add your physical address (including the suburb and city) to every page of your website.

2. Current and useful content is a great way to direct traffic and the search engine to your site. Either linking to your blog and listing this on your web as an RSS feed or having an e-newsletter in your website with key rich categories and topics is a great way to be found.

3. Look for opportunities to build credibility to your site by getting backlinks from good sites. Referral sites, industry directories and online media are all avenues you should explore to get listed, quoted and mentioned.

4. Social media profiles like Facebook, LinkedIn, U-tube, etc can help to spread your business’ reach. Pushing content to these sites can increase traffic back to your website.


Tools and Tips:

video 10 things you can do for your small business online.

Google places – video on how to do this

How to get found online – podcast by Tim and Luke

How to build a website – thanks Luke some good optimising tips like start with WordPress which is search engine friendly!

Taking your small business online -John from Ducttape Marketing.

For assistance in setting up your local profile view our digital marketing services.


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