Okay, so referrals as got you business so far, now what?

The Simple Marketing System

After working in marketing for the last 20 years we discoved that you really need a systematic approach. Our approach is called the The Simple Marketing System and it works. It attracts more of the ideal customers to your business so you can have that sales conversation with a prospect that needs your service and are ready to buy. We use this system to grow you busy in a reliable consistent way. This system is not designed to create immediate results, although it often does, it is designed as a process of Marketing workshops to ensure we have the right strategy in-place that will produce long term results. It will grow your business.

What is marketing and why bother?

Marketing is creating communication that moves prospective target customer towards having a selling conversation. It is all about creating qualified ideal leads that become ideal customers for your service. It is about building familiarity, liking and trust.

It’s not unusual for established service businesses to have struggled with marketing. Perhaps they do all right; and had some medium success, experimenting with various marketing activities. It’s just that most of these activities haven’t produced very consistent results. Perhaps you’ve generated some new clients here and there. But you still don’t feel you’ve mastered the process of attracting new clients. But underneath, you have thenagging feeling that they could attract more clients, if only you could find a way to market your services more successfully.



Marketing Strategy session – We offer something called a Marketing Strategy Session. The purpose of this session is to see if we can what the possibilities are by improving your marketing and sales process. We talk about your goals, what gets in the way in achieving your going to leave with some solid ideas to improve your business effectiveness immediately. We don’t do these sessions with every business so please fill out this quick survey to see if you qualify for this session. Work with the best marketing consultants in Melbourne.




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