E-marketing more effective than traditional networking!

“An e- marketing approach will generate far more leads, is less time consuming and you can target a much wider potential market.

Customers want value first and welcome the ability to ‘test drive’ your product first – your website is where they can see and do this. It is also the best place to develop a strong business relationship. A ‘must’ is to

1.Provide customers with free stuff – i.e relevant articles, links, offer free advice etc.The purpose of the free stuff is to entice them to give you their contact email address.Golden rule : You must get their ‘permission’ to use their email address in order to make future contact.The free stuff helps to do this !
2.Build rapport. Send regular personalised email …Dear John/ Mary…focusing your messages on benefits of doing business with YOU. Provide ‘did you know’ type advice. In essence – Build TRUST
3. Statistically it is proven that if a customer sees benefit in your product / service then after 5 contacts they tend to buy.
4. Always focus on benefits, offer product guarantees i.e ‘if you don’t like , full refund guaranteed’.

e- marketing and emails is powerful, cheap and direct. It will take a long time to build this type of rapport with a customer solely attending network events to get customers”

Could agree more with this from Matthew Geraghty from Linkedin Small business Online community.

2 thoughts on “E-marketing more effective than traditional networking!

  1. I agree, email marketing is a faster and more effective method of growing traffic to your site and converting sales. The key is multiple messages to the same prospect.

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