How did you start to market your small business? Read the stories

Laura Lake marketing guru had a great post inviting small businesses to share their stories about how they started their businesses. Thought it was a really good idea.

Here is mine. Why not share your ideas?

How I started my business

Do You Marketing a Product or a Service?:

I market a service – my own small business marketing consultancy.

Explain Your Product or Service:

I work with small businesses to create marketing plans. We take what is in your head add our experience in sales and marketing and ensure we have a practical, actionable plan.

How Did You Start Marketing Your Small Business?

It is really interesting. I left the corporate world after 15 years and decided to start my own marketing consultancy practice. As a marketer you would think I would hit the ground running but I really had to eat my own dog food!

I organically found some people who wanted me to consult for them and then sort to find my own clients.

How Did It Work?

Best strategies were:

1. To mindmap ( what my target offering was going to be and to be as niche as I could be. ie marketing to small business in IT, HR and construction. Mindmap lets you explore all your ideas and puts them on one page so you can really think about them. Whiteboard is another good idea.

2. To do some research and find out how small business currently seek marketing advice and resources or in your area of expertise.

3. Build my marketing plan to actively attract small businesses in my niche. I did this by creating a website and blog. Sharing information. Being a go to person in social media for small business and extending my networking on line and offline.

4. Packaging my services so they could be easily to understand an were customized to the particular target. ie small business start up package, small business CEO etc

5. Created some buzz. Did some PR locally, got my SEO working on my site and blog. Did some auto-email campaigns to my key audience. Created something of value to download off my site to create a mailing list.


If you don’t know what to do next, get some advice. It will save you time and money. It doesn’t have to cost the earth.The web is a fantastic source of information but there is nothing like speaking with someone 1:1 and hearing their tailored solution for you. Keep going. Don’t get disappointed. If you love what you do and you are passionate about it, chances you are good at it. Keep upbeat and keep working on your business not just in it!

Read others stories on how they started marketing their small business.

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