Trust Agents – Play Nice!

just finished reading Trust Agents byChris Brogan and Julien Smith and I have got to say that it is a good read. The philosophy that I believe that the book is based on is play nice.  This resonates with those of us who have a nature that is helpful, considerate and authentic. For those of us who don’t prescribe to the  Pay it Forward principles like I do, this might create some anxiety. I love how they used the  theory of abundance from Keith Ferazzi as I believe it has never been so relevant as it is with social media. Invest in people, in real relationships or in Seth’s words “don’t bother”.

The book has some good ideas and tips, however I would have liked to see more practical ideas.  I really like the way they have been generous by quoting others and don’t proclaim to know everything.It shows that they are eating their own dog food! I think the most insightful section is when they talk about the overall platform of social media rather than the tactics of twitter, face-book or alike.  The landscape is changing so quickly and so their advice as Trust Agents will stand the test of this shifting space.

For small business the key take aways:

1. Join the conversation with your audience

2. Add value, be authentic, don’t try and hard sell. Give away your best stuff, remember abundance!

3. Leverage your networks online to create insights and opportunities fro your business.

4.Be human. Realise that on the net it is a 2 way conversation . Be respectful, humble and show appreciation. If this is part of your nature you are one of the lucky ones because social media can build your brand and reputation and earn trust faster than any other medium.

5. Download the book on audible. Great benefit the two authors are reading the book and it is really nice to hear the sentiment behind the text with their narration, plus it is totally portable on your ipod and we have got to love that!

Two thumbs up from me.

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