So how are you doing on getting found on the web?

There are some really great tools out there to help you monitor how you are going with your presence on the web. Here are some that I have found useful.

1. Google analytics – this once you set up the piece of code on each page of your site can be a great source of information. Go to google and set up an account. Then go into the google analytics tab and set up your website/domain information. From there once you have put the piece of code on your web you are good to go. Key information from google that is useful is key word search, where your visitors are coming from, how long they stay and on which pages they visit. Use google alerts to track your company name and your competitors to see how often they are mentioned on-line

2. Webgrader – from is another great free tool that gives you some idea of how your web is performing. The great thing about this free report is that it gives you some actions that you can take to improve your chances of being found by your key customers.

3. Page rank – this gives you an idea of how well your site is ranking next to other sites out there. It is a relative measure and I found it interesting but not really that useful in terms of “so what is next?”

4. Compete is a site that will give you competitive information about your site with your competitors. Webgrader and google do this as well.

1.Brand eye report

5.Brandseye – helps you monitor your brand. It is a paid service but relative inexpensive for a small business.

6. Trackur is another service that tracks your brand online. They have a download pdf to help you decide if you need tracking worth looking at. They also have an awesome key word tracking tool.

7. Experts like mashable have some great lists and resources available on this area. Check out there top ten reputation tracking tools. Tim Martin site is a great source of information as a digital expert. Worth a look.

8. Cubestat gives you and estimation of what your site is worth. And Xinu gives you a great snapshot with some suggestions  of your online presence.

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