Tribal Leadership – book review

I have just finished listening to Tribal Leadership on audible. I wish I had it 12 months ago. My philosophy ( and I am still fine tuning it every day) has been born from  creating great relationships with everyone I meet. I really try to listen and learn as much as I can. As a consultant I have a great need to do the same. I have been reading hungrily over the past few years and have been really motivated by Keith Ferazzi, Stephen Covey, Patrick  Linceoni, Chip Conley and now I can add Dave Logan, John King, Halee Fischer-Wright.

What I really loved about this book was how it centred on values being at the core of creating a great culture. I have found this to be true and it is where I choose to focus a lot of time with my clients. I really like the question: ” What are you proud of?” as way to help draw out the values and link them to actions.

Like this book I have spent many sessions with one company refining the values. The stepping stone they need to make is to involve their people and embody them. This is a challenge to a company that has held information tightly at the top. What a great experience when this happens. The ideas, the teamwork and the excitement as the company rallies around what is truly important to them.

Using these values to build a value proposition is also key to the strategy of the business. Let me just say, it takes a special person to see the intangible benefits of putting in this groundwork but having books like Tribal Leadership out there certainly help the cause tremendously.

Thanks Guys!

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