Sales readiness – how ready is your sales team?

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Research from the Training Industry has come up with top 5 issues that sales teams face.

Top Five issues

  1. Value propositions that differentiate you from the competition
  2. Translating products and services information into solution stories
  3. Elevating messages to the executive buyer
  4. Assessing and responding to customer needs
  5. Handling objectives

Great audio from the American Marketing Institute and a talk from Corporate Visions  or video on the research.

The basic premise is that marketing and sales need to work together to create the right tools and messaging that will make the best impact.

Here is a link to my slides on creating sales and marketing integration.

2 thoughts on “Sales readiness – how ready is your sales team?

  1. I think the perennial ‘closing’ is one of the hardest nuts to crack? Should you or not? If you must, how without sounding greedy/ pushy…Does it still have a place in relationship selling?

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