Marketing Lessons from the best in the business

Tim Pethick CEO of Nudie Juice has some good lessons in marketing for us all:

For decades marketers have known “consumers have become more discerning” yet they treat them the same way
1. Marketers talk AT consumers rather than WITH them
2. Consumers are “trading up” – they want mini-indulgences
3. Get people talking – “word of mouth”

Getting the BRAND message across
Australians are “increasingly unhappy with, and ignoring, advertising”
81% say they are taking less notice of advertising
66% said advertising was boring and repetitive
75% say stereotypes proliferate
Source: Eye on Australia 2003

The lessons Tim has learned:

  1. To challenge conventional wisdom
  2. Just do it!
  3. There are always more reasons not to Think big!
  4. If you don’t think you can you can’t
  5. Enjoy the ride (and others will too)
  6. Focus on the customer
  7. Be the best – don’t compromise
  8. Size doesn’t necessarily matter
  9. Don’t focus on the competition or you will lose

Branding the nudie way:
Make your product remarkable
Make it fun
Make it positive
Don’t rely on traditional advertising
Give it (positive) attitude
Engage the consumer – maximum dialogue;maximum involvement

The principal elements of Tim’s nudie success:
* Integrity of the product
* Product difference
* Brand
* Passion
* I didn’t know what couldn’t be done – industry outsiders think differently

Richard Branson lessons learned

Sir Richard Branson lessons learned

(My rating J)

Crap Pretty bloody well I am a legend at this
1. Never give up J
2. Play the underdog J
3. Keep it casual – it is his trademark J
4. Make work fun – Staff should come first J
5. Haggle – everything is negotiable J
6. Smile for the cameras – attention grabbing for your cause. J
7. Do not lead sheep herd cats – get out of your own way J
8. Move fast – execute and learn from your mistakes. Ask for forgiveness later. J
9. Never lose the common touch – humility J
10. Stand by your brand – and its values. J

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