Where sales and marketing intersect that’s the new competitive advantage.

Does this comment ring true for you? Do you just use word of mouth and hope for the best?

“After several years of word-of-mouth (lazy) selling, we recently decided to invest a fixed percentage of revenues to kick-start our sales and marketing program. Believe me – it is easier to build you business around a great sales and marketing program, and keep this in the center of your business plans & business focus.”

Many people forget in small business that it they need to invest in attracting and growing their customer base and they do this with both sales and marketing strategies working together.

How do be a great sales person is a great reference but just as important is to build a marketing plan. Together these elements support one another and can help move the prospect customer down the sales funnel.

Marketing should work through a process with sales of identifying the current sales process and moving to a integrated sales and marketing process.

Brian Carroll summarizes a good process from Jeremy Porter’s Book  Sales and Marketing Integration and how to make it happen.

  1. Collaborate: Work together with a marketing consultant to make your sales team even more effective!
  2. Build the value proposition together – why do our customers really love us and buy from us?
  3. Develop a universal definition of a lead and the lead generation process. Marketing should bring in and warm the lead, sales should close and service it.
  4. Review the sales pipe line regularly together. Be on the same page with the same focus.

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