Reasons why your customers buy from you.

If you are wondering why you customers DO  buy from you marketing guru Laura Lake has some good ideas which I add my own thoughts to.



  1. They are aware of your product. GET THEIR ATTENTIONConsumers  purchase products they are aware of. Your target customers know about your product . You targeting the right market with your message. Your message  is reaching those that  have an interest in your product. This does not mean you are doing more marketing, but you are suing the right marketing vehicles for your target customers is key.
  2. They understand the benefits of your product. THE VALUE PROPOSITION IS CLEAR
    Consumers don’t buy products solely based on price. Now, this does not mean that they don’t factor in price, they do. Consumers buy based on the benefits your product brings them. You have asked your customers what the benefits of your product are, and you know. This is important. Your marketing is centered on these benefits so your consumers  take an interest in purchasing your product. You know the top  three benefits of your product and  you use those in your marketing message.
  3. They  feel your product has perceived value. WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME
    Consumers will buy products that they perceive as having a value. You  use the benefits of your product to create a perceived value and it is that perceived value that helps in the sales of your product.  You  create that perceived value in your marketing message.
  4. They see how your product meets their needs. HOW DOES THIS  PRODUCT HELP ME
    Consumers know how your product meets their needs. They know if  it make their life easier, save them time, make them feel better? You know what need our product satisfies. You don’t make them guess or come up with the answer on their own tell them, you help educate them on why they need your product.
  5. Your product is  accessible to them.HOW DO I FIND IT?
    Consumers buy what is  available to them. If they hear about your product and it is accessible, they will consider it. Consumers want ease in obtaining and using your product. You make your product accessible to them. It is in different locations.  It’s offered online.

6. Why should I buy from you including any other option I have, including the option of doing nothing? Today people have defaulting to doing nothing. Not a compelling message that drew them in and do something.

7. Better sales people – consistently throughout the sales process in the customer voice communicated why this product or service was important to their business and the value it had to them in resolving their business issues. (Huthwaite)

8. You understand your customers. Why do your best customers buy from you? What stories did you use in the sales process that reasonated with them? Why did they choose to buy from you? The information is in your customer’s head.

Great webinar on value propositions from Steve Rankel

Steve talks about sales friction.  How to create a killer value proposition – it is a crystral clear statement about your product or service that:

1. Solves a problem

2. Delivers some benefit

3. Improves their situation

Delivered in a compelling way that gets you to the next step…

4 thoughts on “Reasons why your customers buy from you.

  1. Danielle,

    They also buy from you because you know how to listen to their problems on the phone. 🙂

    Please send me an email. I want to send you something interesting about how to move your blog to a domain name so you control it.

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