My top podcasts for small business.

A really fast way for a small business to get up to speed with marketing and new marketing technologies is to listen to podcasts. They have an advantage over many other mediums.

  • They are current – you have access to some of the thought leaders in marketing today
  • Quick to listen to – most are under an hour and provide great insight and entertainment
  • You can download them from i-tunes for free – it cost you nothing more than your time and you can listen and do something else at the same time like drive.
  • You are directed to other ideas and information so have a pen handy

1. Duct tape marketing -Small business general

2. Professional services marketing – Rain today – Professional services marketing and selling

3. Hubspot TV – Internet and social media

4.SmallBusiness Big Marketing – General small business marketing tips

5. Marketing Geek – General small business

6. Six Degrees of Seperation – Internet and social media

7. Dishymix – Thought leadership and business strategy marketing

8.10 Golden rules of Internet Marketing – Internet ideas and marketing tips

9.MacInnis Marketing – Marketing basics

10. Help my business sucks – Business basics

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