Start with the vision

I have been working with a client over the past few months and we have been going back and forth with marketing strategy and in the end we have had to come back full circle to what is their vision. It has made me ask many questions. Here are a list of strategic questions you need to answer before you can move forward in implementing any marketing strategy.

Make sure you get all of these sign off and right.  It is worth spending the time on these as it will ensure that your objectives are right and then you focus on the right strategies to execute.

  1. Our purpose – what we do?
  1. Our vision – what we want to be known for?
  1. Our mission – single minded focus of a goal?
  1. Our value prop – why our customers choose us?
  1. What is our culture – who we are?
  1. Our values – what we stand for and believe in?

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