Cease the opportunity with convergence of communication and conversational tools.


Listen to this blog as a podcast.

The tools are accessible

Now you can download podcasts on your ipod. You can read e-books on your Kindle. What is next! All of these technologies are converging and there is never been a better time to explore communication and conversation devices. Some of the geeks might be frustration on some of the technical complications with these technologies but I for one think that most people are scrambling to keep up. Only the early adopters are perhaps the impatient.

We can now look at customer views by watching a U-tube. We can now be part of the community. We can call into podcasts, webcast/ webinars and the world just got a whole lot smaller.

conversation image

It is all getting very intimate – build your own community

We can now subscribe to select media that provide exactly the sort of content we are interested in. There are now more podcasts than there are radio stations, this is because there are more and more people creating content. We are wanting to connect with communities that are interested in the things we are interested in. Marketing, music, food, cars these all can be segmented down to a multiple of different areas and mediums and we can choose what and when we engage. It niche it is tailored and specialised content. What we pay attention to? The conversation now is more two way. Podcast we can dial in, twitter we can message direct, Upstream we can call or add comments, second life we can share a life or a second identity. Feedfeed, or conduit allows you to build a virtual community.

Users control the message

Everyone is in control – slice and dice the content and format

Everyone can create, publish, critique, etc, but realistically not everyone is. Most are listening and some are participating. Only 10% of people 25 million people on Twitter are active. Some people are using the tools and information as a hobby  and some use it as a business. The technology is available to everyone. You can basically set yourself up to do most of the social media as the tools are available and very often free. I subscribe to the Nike attitude of JUST DO IT and don’t worry about getting it right first time, the important thing is to participate, learn and enjoy. It is by doing you will get better and become wiser.

I create a podcast and a blog all rolled into one so that you can choose how to digest your content. It is all about choice. If you want to listen this in your car, why not. If you want to print out the blog so you have the informational tips, go for it. If you want to read it on your computer so you have access to the links, fair plan. You choose.

Great ideas spread

You can now as a small business have conversations with your customer like never before. There are so many mediums to do this. If you have a good strategy to deliver really valuable content your ideas will spread. I have only been on twitter for 1 month and have over 100 people following me with a reach of over 1.1million 2nd followers ! I have done half dozen podcasts and have had over  4500 feed views, 500 subscribers and over 90 downloads. I have more views to my blog than my web. I am really a novice to social media but I am learning and learning quickly because the barriers to entry are so low. Maybe it is time to start to consider how you could engage with your customers in this new world, because if you don’t your competitors will.

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