Designing your brand – 4 Steps for a small business to follow.

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Alina Wheeler is an expert in branding. Her book Designing your brand identity. Key messages from this book gives small business a great starting point when approaching marketing.


Four questions we should ask.

1.Who are you?

2.Who needs to know?

3.How will they find out?

4. Why should they care?

1. Who are you? What is import to you, why are you unique? Why should customers should customers choose you over others? What are your values, mission and vision.  why do you do what you do? What is your story, your passion, why do you love it? What problems to you solve? How are you different. This uniqueness and passion is part of your value system and this the core of your brand identity. This is a great starting point. Often my clients want to start with the tangible part of the brand, the logo and really until we have covered who they are and what customer problems they solve then their is no point. What will people say when they talk about you? Jay Ehert from the marketing spot says it well “Branding is really about discovery. It’s about uncovering that thing deep inside you that creates unique value for your customers. Your brand is your soul. Every business owner has a unique brand hidden beneath a layer of marketing fluff. And that’s the tough part.” Your brand personality and what you stand for is what you are aiming at here.


2. Who needs to know? Who are the people that effect your success. Who are your stake-holders? Your customers first, community, your vendors, the media. Now everyone can be your brand champion. All the people in your universe that effects your success.  Make a list and then identify the top 3 audiences that need to know first. Ceasing every opportunity to tell your story. It is the opportunity to retain and attract customers.


3. How will they find out? How do we tell our story? What are the different touchpoints to communicate to our stakeholders? There are hundreds of ways to do this from your website to your email tag to your receptionist and voicemail. Each business has different touchpoints, which ones are the most important for you. Is it your website or blog? Is it face to face? Take an inventory and then analyse where your best business comes from our your best customers comes from.

4. Why should they care? Is your business fufilling a real customer need? Do you know who your customer is? Do you know their aspirations? Do you give them a great customer experience? Have you lived inside of their shoes? What is the unmet meet that you serve. If  you have customers that care about the service or product then you will be a provider of choice. This goes to your values. How you treat your customers, and the experience you provide. If your customers care they will come back and refer you.

The brand identity process can be summarized in this pdf. How are you distiguishing your brand personality?

My personality is all about delighting my customers with the marketing information and expertise I provide. I hope this resource is useful.

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