Creating a new toolbar to communicate all your interactions in one interface

Well I have been chasing an interface that will help me put all my communications in one tool for my clients and customers and I think that Conduit has the very thing I was looking for and it is free.


This tool allows you to custom build a toolbar with all of the feeds, tools and communication devices and then you can email the link to your tool bar to customers and they can have this on their browser (firebox, Internet explorer or safari with google chrome coming..) and refer to all your valuable communications in one place.

My toolbar I created in 2 hours. It is really that simple. But how creative. This is a great way for small businesses to connect with their customers, promote offers, link all their tools in one nice easy to use interface. I love it. Try it today. Even if it is only for you to use to get all your social media interactions on one page it is a great tool. Conduit also has tracking and reporting so you can see how many people have downloaded your toolbar and how they are using it.


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