New way of selling – 15th July webinar

Customer collective article:

Old way of selling: your phone rings and there is a pulse on the other end.  You rush to your car to meet that prospect, you take him or her to lunch, and find out he has no budget and barely a brain. Waste of time, shattering of dreams.
New way of selling: you create a great piece of content that betrays your intense knowledge of a particular industry and what is going on in it, based on your up-to-the-minute industry knowledge gleaned from your colleagues and prospects, and served up elegantly in a CRM platform.  You throw that content on LinkedIn or a other social networking platform, it gets hundreds of “hits” and retweets, and now your best prospects know who you are and actually want to hear more about what you have to say.
Creating — and driving — demand in today’s market is all about having the best, real-time knowledge and using it effectively in a newly-networked world.  Sure, there are still dinosaurs on your prospect lists who want the martini dinner and golf game, but their days are numbered and besides, who has enough in his baksheesh budget these days?  Today’s clients want to know that you are not going to waste the one commodity that is diminishing even faster than fossil fuels: time.
Finding the most effective ways of creating and driving demand will be the focus of an upcoming webinar July 15 at 4 pm Eastern with some terrific guests — David Bonnette VP North American Sales of Oracle, Brent Leary leading Social CRM Blogger, and Dave Brock, leading sales and management consultant.  We’ll be looking for your questions on this important topic, but I already have a few of my own:
•    How can I, as a salesperson, create compelling content or an unassailable offer that will get me leads?
•    How can I be more creative in the way that I approach a relationship with a buyer?
•    How can I spend less time on paperwork and more on building relationships?
•    How does this new sales environment offer some strong advantages for inside sales?  Are inside sales organizations using these new sales tools effectively and if so, how?
•    How about establishing trust with these new tools and strategies? Is trust more important than ever?
•    Is transparency the same as trust?  And will salespeople, who are usually competitive with each other, embrace transparency and why?

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