Why blog as a small business?


Listen to this blog as a podcast.

Do you get it yet? It is all about having conversations with your customers. To do this the blog is a fantastic tool for small businesses to embrace.

CK’s blog has some awesome information on social media but what I loved the best was the pdf download on why blog. Also another great article on why you need a social media presence as a small business.

To say it simply why I blog:

1. To share and exchange ideas

2. Capture information in one library

3. Learn from others

4. Build a community

5. Connect with customers

7. Inspire and be inspired

8. Find and develop and test innovations for my business

9. Get instant feedback, test and pilot ideas

10. Position myself as a expert marketer

11. Give better customer service

12. Improve my business

13. Pay it forward

New York times writer in the Small Business section Marci Alboher writes the benefits of blogging for small business are “sharing news about your company, reinforcing your brand, communicating withclients or customers, identifying yourself with a certain community orshowing your expertise.”

John from Ducttapemarketing has some good thoughts on why blog.

  • Blogging makes me a better thinker
  • Blogging makes me a better listener
  • Blogging makes me a better writer
  • Blogging makes me a better salesperson
  • Blogging makes me a better speaker
  • Blogging keeps me focused on learning
  • Blogging allows me to test out ideas
  • Blogging makes me a better networker
  • Blogging allows me to create bigger ideas

Hubspot says

1) Gain Visibility as a Thought Leader

2) Engage Customers in a Dialogue

3) Every Blog Article is an SEO Opportunity

4) Blogs Are Link Bait

5) Humanize Your Brand

6) In Google, Fresher Content = Better Website

I think the key take away is that it is worthwhile but you need to have a strategy and map it into your existing marketing plan.

Why do you blog?

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