Do you really need a new website design?

This week I have been assessing whether I need to redesign my website. Even a new client said it didn’t do me justice, but hey he is a client now so maybe it was still effective! What are we trying to achieve with a website anyway? How do we measure its success? Sure we all want it to look nice but isn’t the real measure of a successful website if it achieves your goals? What are my goals for my website?

  • Targeted visitors
  • Leads
  • Customers

Mike Volpe from Hubspot explains some of the key measures for landing pages are in the diagram below and I agree, but I think these are measures are also relevant for your website.  Mike makes a good point in his pdf and presentation Web Design tips and Tricks, when he says that “websites are about performance not looks”.  I think what is really interesting is he goes on to discuss the pitfalls of redesign that might not be aparent at the start of the redesign process, something I didn’t really consider. Items like lost links, content, key words and page rank that all can be compromised by this process. Will pages have new urls and what will this mean? Will you loose valuable content for the sake of design? In essence don’t break what is working well even if it might not look fantastic. Content and conversion over classy and creative. Thanks Mike, I am going to tweek my website rather than overall the whole thing! landing page - website purpose

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