Coaching the PA in marketing – your best asset

One of the biggest issues small businesses face is a marketing resource. As the manager you don’t have the time although you might have the ideas. You might be in the position where you have a PA or a receptionist but they don’t have the marketing skills. Well, here are a few ideas that might help coach you PA and help them start to acquire the marketing skills to grow your business.

Note: this is a great idea if your PA shows some interest and enthusiasm for marketing only.


1. Get them a coach – providing the PA with a marketing coach will give them the hands on experience to start developing the basic marketing skills to implement some key marketing strategies. This small investment in them is also a vote of confidence that they can develop beyond their current role and grow with the company.  There are many companies that can provide this service including mine. I have started a e-zine for PA’s to develop these skills for free and they can join by clicking here.

2. Develop a database – capturing your customers in some simple format is critical for communicating with them. Creating a excel spreadsheet with headings like First name, Last Name, Company, Address, Email, Phone Number, customer type can then lead to being able to do some marketing campaigns down the track. Eventually your PA will be ready to use auto response software and CRM to develop some more targeted communications.

3. Developing some templates – creating some basic templates will help the PA with this role. A marketing action plan – list and cost of all marketing activities, newsletter format template, customer testimonial template, media release, invitation to event, employment ad, tender response template, etc. These can be downloaded from various sites for free often, just do a google search.

4. Consistent look and feel – having a file with your logo, images, letterhead etc and monitoring the look of documents and communications is really important. Having one person controlling this is really helpful.

5. Website – you can get many cheap and easy to use content management software platforms for setting up your own web or blog and this is something that the PA can then use.  You can still have a graphic designer for your web but having the PA be able to update the content via a web based content management system is more cost effective and makes sense.

6. Network – give the PA an opportunity to talk with an network with other PA’s looking to move into marketing. Even giving the opportunity to do some short course is valuable, ie direct mail, online advertising, event co-ordination etc. Australian Marketing Institute is a good starting place but there will be one in every location that your PA could join.

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